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Welcome to the new definition of Active Directory security

Introducing Alsid for Active Directory, the comprehensive security solution that provides instant peace of mind for your Active Directory teams. Built by and for security professionals, Alsid’s solution is ‘plug and play in a day.’ No agents, no privileges, no nonsense. Just harden, detect, and respond. Discover Alsid’s solutions now.

  • Find existing weaknesses

    Immediately discover, map, and score existing weaknesses. Follow our step-by-step remediation tactics and prevent attacks.

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  • Uncover attack pathways

    Instantly identify new vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. Break attack pathways and keep your threat exposure in check.

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  • Investigate incidents

    Drill down into the most comprehensive security tracker for AD. Search and correlate AD changes at object and attribute levels.

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  • Detect attacks in real time

    Get real-time alerts and actionable remediation plans on AD attacks. Visualize notifications and trigger responses in your SIEM / SOAR / SOC.

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  • Find and fix your existing weaknesses

    • Uncover and fix existing weaknesses with 45 Indicators of Exposure, each composed of 100+ security checkers.
    • Identify quick-wins and inform your remediation plans with dynamic threat scoring, complexity rating, and recommended course of action.
    • Track security progress using a baseline score or a custom-made scoring framework.
  • Continuously uncover new attack pathways

    • Keep your security exposure in check by closing new security gaps before they get exploited.
    • Detect new attack pathways in real-time thanks to thousands of security triggers.
    • Spot and fix dangerous ACEs for your Active Directory objects.
    • Go deeper with comprehensive vulnerability details, research links, and embedded remediation tactics.
  • Detect ongoing attacks in real time

    • Spot attacks across all domains and forests in real time and prevent attackers’ lateral movements.
    • Leverage our AD-native hypergraph engine to catch attacks that bypass logs such as DCSync and DCShadow.
    • Beat the best threat actors’ breakout time (~17 minutes) with the only true real-time technology on market.
    • Augment your existing security ecosystem with AD-centric notifications in your SIEM and playbooks for your SOAR.
  • Investigate incidents and hunt for threats

    • Search and correlate AD-native data to uncover suspicious activities and find patient zero.
    • Develop queries and customized rules at object- and attribute-levels.
    • Focus only on meaningful security information with our false-positive proof hypergraph engine.
    • Dissect Active Directory and SYSLOG replication data for breach entry and lateral movement discovery.
    • Forward investigation findings to your SIEM & SOAR for event correlation and automated response.

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The Simplest Possible Architecture

Enjoy a solution that does more than any other, without the need for any painful agent deployments or nonsensical privileges over your AD. Log in to your dedicated cloud platform, set up your VPN, and immediately start reducing your attack surface.

    • Your Alsid dedicated instance lives in the cloud of your choice
    • Benefit from transparent scaling as our platform adapts to meet your needs
    • We’ll take care of pushing security and feature upgrades continuously
    • Roll-out our on-prem platform in your air-gaped infrastructures




    • Simply summon a VPN link to get our hypergraph engine started
    • Your Alsid instance will connect to only 1 Domain Controller per monitored domain
    • Alsid only uses standard protocols to operate, such as LDAP, KERBEROS, DNS, NETBIOS DSRU RPC, etc.




    • Get the value without the pain, with no agent to deploy, and no risk for your operations
    • Our solution does not need any form of privilege over your AD, so your infrastructure is safe with us
    • Our API-based monitoring can handle hundreds of domains and forests without any perceivable footprint on your servers and network

Understanding Alsid’s IoE

Our Indicators of Exposure are constantly run against your AD’s hypergraph to uncover weaknesses and attacks.

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