Alsid is a fully-packaged, automated solution that monitors the security of any Active Directory infrastructure component in real-time. Deployed without any agent or mandatory administrative privileges, Alsid is non-intrusive, easy and fast to provision. It is always up-to-date and proactively defends against all attacks that target Active Directory.

What Alsid Brings To You

Prevent and remediate cyber threats rather than fixing post-attack damage

Easily evaluate the cost of fixing breaches, prioritise and track remediation plans

Always benefit from up-to-date, state-of-the-art security with active threat intelligence

Pre-configured, ready-to-use security solution with immediate rampup

Active Directory Monitoring

  • Alsid supervises all security-related components of Active Directory in order to detect any security breach before attackers are able to exploit it.

  • When security degradations are identified, actionable and contextualised remediation plans support problem fixing in order of priority and criticality.

  • Alsid is fully integrated with cybersecurity and supervision toolchains to correlate alerts and understand the root cause of intrusions.

By examining dozens of Indicators of Exposure in real time, Alsid is able to continuously monitor all assets to make them more resilient.

Active Threat Intelligence

  • Alsid's threat intelligence experts actively stay abreast of state-of-the-art security practices and real-world hacker techniques, identifying new attack scenarios which are then added continuously to the platform.

  • With Alsid performing all security and threat intelligence operations for Active Directory, security teams no longer have to worry about its protection.

  • Alsid's unmatched security expertise is available for the entire organisation, alleviating the need to train security teams on complex technologies.

Dynamic Security Dashboards

  • Alsid's Security Dashboards deliver a consolidated and contextualised view of risk with easy-to-read remediation plans, vulnerability reports and metrics.

  • Visual health cards highlight relevant Indicators of Exposure and their evolution over time, comparing them to market standards to understand and benchmark the evolution of Active Directory security.

Cloud Security Platform

Non-intrusive and easy to use, Alsid is a cloud-based solution delivered in SaaS mode.

  • Agentless, zero infrastructure installation
  • No administrative privileges required

With Alsid constantly updating its database with the newest, most sophisticated scenarios and risk patterns, customers will always benefit from the most state-of-the-art security.

Certification Programmes

Using Alsid is easy, but keeping Active Directory secure requires understanding the underlying security model and mechanisms, as well as how attackers leverage breaches.
Alsid offers training and certification for anyone responsible for enforcing the security of IT infrastructure, including but not limited to Security Project Managers, Active Directory Architects, Chief Information Security Officers and more.

Alsid Administrator

Hands-on product training to master Alsid's configuration and management.

Alsid Security Expert

Product expertise training, including Active Directory security risks governance and technical labs.

Alsid Partner

Detailed training on Alsid deployment, configuration and maintenance. Active Directory security introduction also included.

Active Directory
Security Expert

Training on the modern attack scenarios used against Active Directory and security strategy.

Active Directory
Security Internals

Advanced security training on the internal Active Directory security model and mechanisms.

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