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Alsid SAS
106 Boulevard Haussmann
75008 Paris, France

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At Alsid, we believe in building long-lasting relationships with partners who share our passion for Active Directory security. We help our partners sell our world-class AD Security solutions and empower them to protect the end-user community.

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  • Why become a partner

    When you become an Alsid partner, your business gets a boost. Here are just some of the direct benefits:

    • Access our technical expertise, sales and marketing resources, whitepapers, case studies, and more.
    • Access our quarterly Threat Intelligence Reports.
    • Access our routinely updated Indicators of Exposure database.
    • Access our certified training courses for your sales and technical teams.
    • Expand your solution offering with our flagship AD Security product for upsell.
    • Increase your revenue through sales and distribution of Alsid for AD.
    • Enhance your current portfolio and existing security solution offerings (IAM, PAM, SIEM, and beyond).
    • Receive ongoing account management and technical support from Alsid.
    • Get the opportunity to partner with a rapidly growing security vendor.
  • How to become a partner

    The Alsid Partner Program consists of three partnership levels:

    • Alsid Authorized Partners – This entry-level partnership is ideal for those seeking to begin a relationship with us. With initial limited benefits, all authorized partners have the opportunity to advance to higher partnership levels.
    • Alsid Silver Partners – This level is the second stage for partners who have shown consistent execution in delivering sales and technical value that support our prospects and customers. These partners have proven to deliver superior security services around Alsid solutions and have a track record of completing successful projects on their own.
    • Alsid Gold Partners – This level is reserved for the highest-value partnerships. Gold partners have demonstrated mastery of Alsid solutions in sales, technical, and support know-how. They are recognized for their superior service capabilities around Alsid for AD, as well as for their deep knowledge of Active Directory Security.

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