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Active Directory Security Just Got a Whole Lot Better

Cybersecurity software vendor Alsid is set to release Alsid for Active Directory version 2.7, the latest edition of its industry-leading Active Directory (AD) security solution.

Developed as a cloud-based product, Alsid for Active Directory (AD) is an agentless solution that doesn’t require any nonsensical privileges over the AD when monitoring and securing Active Directory infrastructures in real-time. It makes the life of an AD practitioner much easier with a proactive solution focusing purely on AD, hardening an organisation’s overall security stance and allowing AD admins, security professionals, and CISOs to focus on other tasks.

In the latest version 2.7, the Alsid for AD platform includes an array of new features and upgrades to provide more universal infrastructure visibility and extra features that boost security:

  • Intuitive Active Directory topology graph that holistically maps all ADs in a network, and their corresponding security level interconnections and trust relationship problems.
  • Further refinement of IoE (indicators of exposure), to provide a greater understanding of deviations.
  • Enhancement with object-level insights rather than high-level ‘global’ information related to deviating objects.
  • Easy-to-use public API documentation to help customers automate actions

Version 2.7 will also include a host of other features that would provide an increased depth of information for Group Policy Object (GPO) changes, the aptitude to send alerts for deviations found during the initial analysis phase, the ability to view a script that’s now stored in Sysvol and to examine whether that script contains a password that is not encrypted. Similar to previous Alsid for AD releases, new indicators of exposure have been added to explore weak password policy and Domain Controller access consistency.

Alsid co-founder and CTO, Luc Delsalle, said: “Since we started this project, we have been able to provide our customers with a very holistic view of their AD, complemented further by a comprehensive remediation plan in real-time. However, in our latest iteration, we are now enabling our customers to gain further insights into GPO changes, trust relationship status, new IoE additions and so much more. All the newly added features will provide our users with in-context data that is accurate, useful and relevant to continually adapting and improving AD security.”

As a cloud-based solution, Alsid for AD version 2.7 is available now and will update automatically, enabling existing Alsid customers to benefit from the new features and enhancements.

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