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The future of Active Directory security is now

by Emmanuel Gras

Five years ago, we launched Alsid to help organizations secure their Active Directory against any and all threats. French-founded and globally minded, Alsid became a pioneer in AD security. Earlier this year, we took one step closer to making our vision a reality when market leader Tenable announced its intent to acquire Alsid. With co-founder and CTO Renaud Deraison at the helm, Tenable’s own roots run French. But it is our mutual passion for driving the future of cybersecurity that gives us common DNA. Today I am pleased to announce that the French authorities have approved the acquisition, and we are excited to share the future of AD security we are building together.

Since Active Directory’s inception more than 20 years ago, organizations have spent billions trying to mitigate its ever-growing security gaps. We saw a system used by 90 percent of the market and believed that solving its problems would also solve theirs. Active Directory security holds the keys to the enterprise kingdom. We know this asset inside and out and provide simple, effective defenses against all attacks that exploit it. Our belief has been validated, and we are proud to say Tenable shares it.

Alsid co-founder Luc Delsalle and I now become members of the Tenable management team, and Alsid employees become one with Team Tenable. In joining forces, we have more resources than ever to deliver our solutions on a global scale. Our incredible teams here in France will continue to fuel the growth of our product offering. As a promise of innovations to come, today we’re announcing the availability of to secure AD and disrupt attack paths. is our first fingerprint on Tenable’s Cyber Exposure Management portfolio.

With no agents and no privileges, is deployable on-premises or in the cloud with hardly a footprint on current security operations. empowers teams to find and fix existing AD vulnerabilities but also detect and respond to the most dangerous attacks, such as Golden Ticket, in real time. Translation: no privilege escalation, no lateral movement, no next step. Existing Alsid for AD customers will have the option to upgrade their subscription to immediately.

Speaking of next steps, today’s news would have never been possible without our unparalleled teams, customers and partners. Thank you. To Tenable’s CEO Amit Yoran, to CTO and co-founder Renaud Deraison and to our new colleagues at Tenable: we could not be more excited to build the future of cybersecurity together. And to all those who will place their trust in us in the months and years to come: we look forward to accompanying you in your security journey each step of the way.

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