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Use Case: HKBN

Ensuring cybersecurity while driving innovation: How HKBN achieves security and data integrity as a leading, high- growth IT&T provider in Hong Kong and Southern China

HKBN Limited, commonly known for its subsidies (Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited and HKBN Enterprise Solutions Limited) is a Hong Kong-based information technology and telecommunications company. HKBN operates in both Hong Kong and Guangzhou and has approximately 3,000 employees. Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited was established in 1999, and is one of the largest residential broadband and telecommunications service providers in Hong Kong. They also provide a wide range of leading IT services, including cloud computing.

  • Industry: Information Technology & Telecommunications
  • Location: Hong Kong & Southern China
  • Revenue 2018: HKD 1,379 million


HKBN is an innovative technology company which provides market- leading telecommunications and cloud services across Hong Kong and Southern China. HKBN has grown rapidly through market share and numerous acquisitions such as New World Telecom and ICG. Given that HKBN is an extremely fast-moving and end customer-focused organization frequently targeted by aggressive attacks, they were seeking a partner who could help ensure a high level of security and integrity for a central component of information systems, the Active Directory. This would allow HKBN to maintain their high level of customer satisfaction while also ensuring their internal security.


Since Active Directory security is a time-consuming endeavor, HKBN was looking for a seamless, instantly active, and non-intrusive solution. Alsid was the perfect fit as it is agentless and does not require changing a single line of Active Directory configuration.

Alsid’s innovative approach was a key decision factor for HKBN. The deployment of the solution took just three days, after which HKBN’s team had access to web-based interfaces viewable on any device, including indicators of exposure, tailor-made recommendations, and real-time analyses. Deployment required the presence of just one HKBN employee. Using Alsid’s consolidated dashboard, HKBN’s top management and security teams could maintain a continuous global overview of their Active Directory’s security level. Employing Alsid’s instant security assessment, HKBN was, for the first time, able to assess the security of new entities before connecting them to the company’s information system.

Key facts


  • Cutting-edge, real-time Active Directory security designed for CIOs & Heads of IT Security
  • Autonomous learning capabilities free up internal resources
  • Allows focus on core business while integrity of the information system is secured with minimal human capital


  • 1 Alsid console
  • 1 Active Directory domain
  • 3,000 protected users across Hong Kong and Southern China

Stakeholders at HKBN:

  • 1 Active Directory Architect
  • 1 Security Engineer

Alsid dedicated team:

  • 1 Alsid Technical Account Manager
  • 1 Advanced AD Security Engineer
  • 1 Customer Success Manager (support in English, Cantonese & Mandarin)

Integration plan:

  • Rapid three-day deployment including on-site product training
  • Standard product architecture covering entire AD infrastructure for HKBN
  • Security analysis refined to fit HKBN’s business context

Thanks to the real-time security monitoring of Alsid’s solution, HKBN’s security team was also able to evaluate implementation of remediation measures, allowing them to choose the most appropriate time to integrate the new organizations into the global infrastructure. When a security incident occurs, HBKN’s security team receives instant notifications explaining where, when, and who is attacking their infrastructures. Alsid’s cutting-edge technology constantly adapts to new threats via frequent updates, providing HKBN the best possible protection.


Continuous and global control of AD security risks

AD architecture is the cornerstone of all IT infrastructures, and attackers know this. They continuously look for new ways to jeopardize these infrastructures and access critical assets. Because they are focused on building the best IT&T network, HKBN teams do not have time to stay up to date on the latest and most advanced AD vector attacks. Thanks to its dedicated high-level expert team, Alsid stays on the cutting edge, ensuring the highest level of security for acquired AD infrastructures. Alsid’s products are frequently updated to reflect the ever-changing cyber world. Having chosen Alsid’s remote enclave architecture solution, HKBN receives all updates automatically at no additional cost. As a result, HKBN can focus on its core business activities.

Flawless integration of new resources

Ensuring efficient business activity without impeding cybersecurity policies was essential for HKBN, and Alsid’s solution made this possible. Using Alsid’s native Indicators-of-Exposure, HKBN’s security teams were able to identify every attack vector that could be used against their new resources within a minute. The product proved a cost-effective solution, as there was no more need for individual audits. Additionally, the decision-oriented dashboard made it fast and easy to monitor the security maturity of new entrants. Alsid is by far the easiest AD security solution to implement. Deployment is instant, agentless, and requires no admin privilege.

Modern Active Directory security for decision makers

Alsid offers a clear and precise interface for monitoring complex infrastructures. Its graphical dashboard was designed to be a decision-oriented interface which presents infrastructure vulnerabilities and offers insightful, precise recommendations for solving them. With real-time monitoring, potential threats are instantly highlighted and alerts are sent with in-context and dynamic remediation plans so executives can make immediate, informed decisions. This allows quick responses to security issues and ensures HKBN’s Active Directory infrastructures are the gold standard for security.

“Being a step ahead of attackers is key to ensuring a high level of security for our customers. Alsid’s solution protects our network from insider threats in a seamless and transparent approach, so we never have to interrupt our work of building the most innovative network.”

Eric Ho, HKBN Co-Owner & CIO

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