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Use Case: SmarTone

SmarTone Telecommunications Holdings Limited is a leading telecommunications provider with operating subsidiaries in Hong Kong and Macau, offering voice, multimedia, and mobile broadband services, as well as fixed fiber broadband services for both consumer and corporate markets.

• Industry: Telecommunications
Location: Hong Kong


AD Security

Managing AD changes and improving visibility on misconfiguration has always been one of the challenges for SmarTone. Continuous monitoring for vulnerabilities of all forests was an important objective that needed attention to clearly highlight how day-to-day changes may open attack pathways and other misconfigurations or weaknesses within the AD.

Key facts

• 3 domains

SmarTone Stakeholders:
• 1 Infrastructure

Alsid dedicated team:
• 1 Technical Account Manager
• 1 AD Advanced Security Engineer

Integration plan:
• Integration with a SOC of their choice as initially planned in the business proposal.


SmarTone’s engagement with Alsid began with a one-month POC. During this period, SmarTone was able to:

  • Directly see results that showed the state of the Active Directory and the misconfigurations that might have a considerable impact on the AD’s security.
  • Get deep insights from the comprehensive service portal on the recommended remediations for the observed AD misconfiguration.
  • The ability to work closely with Alsid’s experts to clarify queries and implement necessary remediation.

SmarTone was impressed by:

  • The effectiveness of Alsid’s solution in addressing its needs to detect misconfiguration and identify areas that can further harden AD security.
  • The Alsid team’s receptiveness and responsiveness to queries, comments, and requests for further improvement. These are especially important for SmarTone to get the most out of the solution and for the efficiency and effectiveness of security operations.

SmarTone has now adopted Alsid’s solution in its environment and continues to demonstrate its value in helping protect the organization’s Active Directory.

Alsid’s solution is important to fulfill our needs on AD security visibility and hardening. We are pleased to be able to work with a highly professional and trustworthy partner to meet the coming challenges.

Andrew Chan, Information Security Officer

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