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Use Case: VINCI Energies

Mergers & Acquisitions: How VINCI Energies achieved strong security parameters on its ever-evolving Active Directory infrastructures

Founded more than a century ago, VINCI Energies has become a world-leading expert in digital transformation and energy transition. It operates in 52 countries with 1,600 business units and more than 64,000 employees. With a revenue of €10.2 billion, including 48% outside France, VINCI Energies is an indisputable leader in its field.

  • Industry: Energy
  • Location: Worldwide
  • Revenue 2017 : 10,76B€


VINCI Energies has pursued its expansion via organic growth and a strong acquisition strategy. In 2017, VINCI Energies purchased more than 30 companies headquartered all around the world. This tremendous expansion led to more complex IT environments staffed by internationally dispersed teams. Unfortunately, incorporation of foreign resources often introduces various security risks (such as misconfigurations or illegitimate access rights) to Active Directory environments. Due to AD design, these issues can endanger the entire information system.

VINCI Energies has established strong security parameters for its main Active Directory infrastructures through its ambitious security programs, teams, and tools exclusively focused on the administration of Active Directory infrastructures. These initial processes required significant time and effort.

To maintain these parameters and to safely integrate acquired resources into the consolidated perimeter, the company expressed its need to streamline the integration process of new entities while maintaining its level of security over the long term.


Alsid’s solution was simple and easy to implement. Deploying Alsid for AD took only 14 days, after which VINCI Energies’ team could access web-based interfaces viewable on any device, including indicators of exposure, tailor-made recommendations, and real- time analyses.

Key facts


  • Flawless integration of new companies
  • Continuous and global control of AD security risks
  • Modern Active Directory security enforcement


  • 85,000 protected accounts
  • 16 million virtual analyses per hour
  • Intelligence on 50+ threats

Stakeholders at VINCI Energies:

  • 1 Active Directory Architect
  • 1 Cloud Infrastructure Architect
  • 1 Network & Security Engineer

Alsid dedicated team:

  • 1 Senior AD Security Engineer
  • 1 Technical Account Manager
  • 1 Customer Success Manager

Test run:

  • Twenty-day experiment
  • 1 forest / 1 domain / 53,071 active users
  • 2 weeks to fully deploy the solution

Alsid’s remote-enclave solution was the perfect match for VINCI Energies’ needs.

Using Alsid’s consolidated dashboard, VINCI Energies’ top management and security teams could maintain a continuous global overview of their Active Directory’s security level across every site worldwide. Employing Alsid’s instant security assessment, VINCI Energies was, for the first time, able to assess the security of new entities before connecting them to the company’s information system.

Thanks to the real-time security monitoring of Alsid’s solution, VINCI Energies’ security team was also able to evaluate implementation of remediation measures, allowing them to choose the most appropriate time to incorporate new organizations into the global infrastructure.


Flawless integration of new companies

Ensuring efficient business activity without impeding cybersecurity policies was essential for VINCI Energies, and Alsid’s solution made this possible. Using Alsid’s native Indicators-of-Exposure, VINCI Energies’ security teams were able to identify every attack vector that could be used against their new resources within a minute. The product proved a cost-effective solution, as there was no more need for individual audits. Additionally, the decision-oriented dashboard made it fast and easy to monitor the security maturity of new entrants. Alsid is by far the easiest AD security solution to implement. Deployment is instant, agentless, and requires no admin privilege.

Continuous and global control for AD security risks

AD architecture is the cornerstone of all IT infrastructures, and attackers know this. They continuously look for new ways to jeopardize these infrastructures and access critical assets. Most of the companies acquired by VINCI Energies have neither the time nor the internal expertise to stay updated on the latest and most advanced AD vector attacks. Thanks to its dedicated high-level expert team, Alsid stays on the cutting edge, ensuring the highest level of security for acquired AD infrastructures.

Alsid’s products are frequently updated to reflect the ever-changing cyber world. Having chosen Alsid’s remote enclave architecture solution, VINCI Energies receives all updates automatically at no additional cost. As a result, VINCI Energies can focus on its core business activities.

Modern Active Directory security enforcement

VINCI Energies is always in search of excellence and, with Alsid’s solution, they achieve it. Leveraging real-time monitoring, potential threats are instantly highlighted and alerts are sent with in-context and dynamic remediation plans so executives can make immediate, informed decisions. This allows quick responses to security issues and ensures VINCI Energies’ Active Directory infrastructures are the gold standard for security.

“Alsid’s solution freed us from Active Directory security concerns so that we could focus on new business incorporation.”

Dominique Tessaro, VINCI Energies CIO

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