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For businesses that cannot afford the risk of compromised information systems, Alsid provides a comprehensive cloud solution that proactively defends them from all attacks targeting their Active Directory - the system that supports and provides access to all vital information assets.

Founded by security experts with years of field experience, Alsid is already preventing business disruption, information theft, negative publicity and liability exposure for large public companies.

The Product

Alsid is a fully-packaged, automated solution that monitors the security of any Active Directory infrastructure component in real-time. Deployed without any agent or mandatory administrative privileges, Alsid is non-intrusive, easy and fast to provision.

Unlike intrusion detection tools that only identify attackers once they have already gained access and done damage, Alsid detects breaches before attackers do. Through Active Threat Intelligence, the solution remains state-of-the-art and is always one step ahead of hackers.

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