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Good out-of-the-box thinking! What now? |
  • The new frontline
  • A simple, clean AD
  • The complexity curse
  • Inevitable weaknesses
  • An open road to hackers
  • Securing AD
A simple,
clean AD
Once upon a time, your AD topology was sound, only a handful of objects had power over your domains, and they were isolated and closely monitored.
Complexity curse
Years of growth, merges, and modifications made your AD a complex sea of objects with privilege interdependencies.
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Inevitable weaknesses
Unfortunately, there are hidden misconfigurations and relationships that can be exploited to bridge even the most secure isolation structures.
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An open road to hackers
Hackers are fully adept at moving laterally through these unchecked paths all the way to domain domination.
Your security solutions can’t see these attacks, as hackers’ movements are mostly compliant with your security policies, and monitored objects remain unaltered.
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Securing AD
Alsid for AD disrupts the dynamic of most cyberthreats by exposing misconfigurations and detecting attacks before widespread infection.
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Active Directory Security

Fix weaknesses before hackers exploit them
Detect & respond to attacks in real time

Lateral movement is the new frontline

Trusting Alsid since 2019

By deploying Alsid’s solution on our global perimeter, we gave stakeholders much-needed visibility of corporate cybersecurity risks.

Jean-Yves POICHOTTE   -   Global Head of Cyber Security

Trusting Alsid since 2019

Alsid's integration was not only accomplished in a day, but it also provided efficient security monitoring on atomic infrastructures with no impact on the workload of security teams.

Thierry AUGER   -   Deputy CIO & CISO

Alsid is the answer to the two questions every CISO should be constantly asking – Are my domains adequately secured? And how can I independently prove it?

Jamie Rossato   -   VP, Information Technology & Cyber Security

Alsid’s solution is important to fulfill our needs on AD security visibility and hardening. We are pleased to be able to work with a highly professional and trustworthy partner to meet the coming challenges.

Andrew Chan   -   Information Security Officer

Trusting Alsid since 2019

Alsid’s solution freed us from Active Directory security concerns so that we could focus on new business incorporation.

Dominique TESSARO   -   CIO

Alsid’s ability to minimize AD-linked business risk through divesting and acquiring businesses is key. Alsid has provided deep visibility into AD-level business risk and allowed us to quickly identify both short- and long-term wins. We discovered potential weaknesses in our AD that, if they were discovered by an attacker, would have been dire for our network.

Shane READ   -   CISO

Trusting Alsid since 2019

When I work on critical systems such as Active Directory, my objective is to empower administrators to actively guarantee security.


Trusting Alsid since 2020

Trusting Alsid since 2019

Trusting Alsid since 2019/2020


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